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  • Reporter for FortiGate BETA (2019-08-06)

    • Fixed issue where Fastvue Reporter's data retention policy could prevent or slow the service from shutting down when it is deleting multiple indexes.
    • Fixed issue where the database status toggles between Operational/Failure status when running reports on a large number of old dates (older than 32 days).
    • IT Overview Widgets now show the 'number of blocks' for the top blocked site, top blocked category and top threat instead of size.
    • Fixed issues in URL parsing when the logged hostname also contains a port.
    • Changing data location via the UI or API now rejects the request if the path is the same, is a subfolder of the original path, or the new path cannot be written to.
    • Fixed areas of the user interface that were not working when installed on non-English variants of Windows Server. For example, viewing Import Issues was not working when installed on Turkish Windows. All ID-based lookups now use case-insensitive invariant culture string comparisons.
    • The installer now detects 32-bit operating systems and blocks installation.
    • Updated 3rd party libraries and licenses in Settings | About.
  • Reporter for FortiGate BETA (2019-07-09)

    • Elasticsearch's maximum and initial memory usage (appears as the Open JDK / Java process in Task Manager) can now be adjusted in Settings | Diagnostics | Database.
    • Fixed some stability issues where the Elasticsearch database would disconnect or change to the Preparing Elasticsearch status, preventing further queries until the database initialized.
    • The Service Not Responding dialog now disappears automatically once the Fastvue Reporter Service starts responding again.
    • Fixed issue where a blank website was shown in the 'Top Sites' sections for non-web data.
    • Fixed issue where antivirus data would result in strange values being shown in the Top Sites sections. 
    • Souce hosts are no longer shown in the 'Top Sites' section for DHCP log events.
  • Reporter for FortiGate BETA (2019-06-27)

    • Improved start up time. More specifically, improved the time it takes for Elasticsearch to initialize indexes.
    • Improved some stability issues between Fastvue Reporter and Elasticsearch. 
    • Fixed issue where Reports filtered by Security Group would not return any data.
    • Filtering by Department and Office is now case insensitive.
    • Added Device Type and Operating System widget to Overview Reports.
    • Fixed an issue where filtering on Productivity 'Equal to' Unassigned OR Uncertain would return categories that were in neither of those Productivity lists.
    • Changed the default ports used for Elasticsearch to 53868 and 53968 to help prevent port conflicts when installed alongside other applications that also use Elasticsearch, such as Acronis backup.
    • The ports used by Elasticsearch can now be customised using the DatabaseElasticPort and DatabaseElasticTransportTcpPort settings in Fastvue Reporter's Settings.xml. When these values are set to 0, the default ports will be used. Note, the Fastvue Reporter service must not be running when making changes to this file.
    • Pie charts on the Overview Dashboard now show the 'Other' series again.
    • Fixed issues with trial and registrations on systems using Hijri calendar.
    • Fixed issues with license keys entered in lowercase.
    • Added extra debugging information to the verbose diagnostic log to help troubleshoot email/smtp issues.
    • Search Terms and YouTube Video widgets are now populated when running in Demo Mode.
    • The 'Reference' category was duplicated and listed in both Acceptable and Productive lists. It has been removed from Acceptable so it will be classified as Productive.
  • Reporter for FortiGate BETA (2019-06-11)

    • First public Beta release of Fastvue Reporter for FortiGate
    • We're looking for feedback on the content of the Dashboards, Reports and Alerts, as well as any usability issues, and missing features. Email feedback to
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